Our Process

Copper Works gas & electric lanterns are hand crafted utilizing quality materials, tools, equipment and parts that meet or exceed industry standards.

Our lead craftsmen and lighting designer have over 20 years of experience in the fabrication of gas and electric lanterns. Since we offer complete customization, our team will specify the parts that are required for each fixture. Our gas valves and operational components are CSA certified and all electrical sockets and components carry a UL certification. The manufacturing process begins with a set of shop drawings and a gathering of components based on standard industry practices.

During the customization design phase, we adjust the fixtures size and other specification to meet the needs of our clients. Such as fixture style, applications, choice of gas or electric, finish and glass options. As a part of the design process, our team will determine the location and proper sizing of any vent or drainage holes required. We offer a number of different gas burner and valve options. Our standard single open flame burners are perfect for most jobs but safety shut-off thermocouplers and electric ignition options are available.

We offer a wide range of glass types such as clear, seeded, artique, frosted and tempered. Our glasses are cut and installed in house to insure proper fit.

These are just a few of the reasons why the team at Copper Works is qualified and ready to bring your custom lighting needs to life.